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What are the wicker arts and crafts?

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What are the wicker arts and crafts?

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What are the wicker arts and crafts? Willow weaving handicraft is a traditional handicraft craft. Willow weaving is gradually recognized by modern people, and has very good prospects for development. Today we are going to know what the main types of willow handicrafts are with the wicker manufacturers.

There are a wide variety of willow products. In general, there are many types, such as seats, baskets, baskets, dustpan, fence, wicker box, basket, basket, hedge, dish and so on. Foreign trade, through the development and design has formed a laundry basket, flower pot, picnic basket, basket, lamp shade, dog nest, cat nest, bird nest and so on, in foreign trade form low grade commodity into high value appreciation effect, very subject to the attention of foreign trade department.

The main category of wicker arts and crafts:

1. Flourishing fabric weaving technology: more raw wicker is used as raw material, and other branches are also used. Different knitting processes are used at the bottom, side and edge of the utensils. At the bottom, there are round, elliptical, and long square shape, with sunflower pile, "rice" pile, "Feng" pile, twist pile, pepper eye, triangle eye, sieve eye, warp weft knitting, hanging, ring, pick and pressure pile.

2. Weaving and assembling process: mainly used in furniture. The main raw material is perennial or annual coarse willow, combined with the fine willow strip, and the rattan and bamboo strips are used as the binding material, and the baking and ring drawing are used. Some are made of thin pads, and the bottom of the bracket should be installed on furniture, and most of them are painted.

3. Warp knitting technology: compact and smooth, used for farm implements. It is made of thread, weft is weft, and weft is made of warp and weft, shape and edge. Farmers use this process to make a bucket, and coated with pig blood, which can be used without leakage.

The arts and crafts of Liu Qing produced by our factory are more and more extensive from arts and crafts, ornaments to baskets, baskets, cabinets, chairs and all kinds of household articles and pet appliances. Welcome all people from all walks of life to come and buy!

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