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About US

Linyi Liu Qing handicraft company is a large handicraft factory with production and processing as one. Our company is located in Linyi, the hometown of Qi Liu, with excellent environment, convenient transportation, sufficient raw materials, strong weaving team and knitting experts.

Our factory mainly manages willow basket, willow basket, willow dish, laundry basket, flower basket, flower basket and so on. There are many varieties, new styles, exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance, economical, durable and pollution-free. Not only has the very strong aesthetic and practical value, can improve people's quality of life, make people's living space more artistic, and can also meet the special requirements of customers and customers of different tastes!

The company has always followed the people-oriented, innovation as the soul. The concept of self vigilance and self strengthening has been developing for a long time. Under the guidance of the enterprise spirit of "transcending self and pursuing excellence", through the unremitting efforts of all staff, the company has made our company reserve high-quality business talents and innovative designers, as well as a group of skilled technical masters, to form a powerful elite team and provide diversified solutions for customers. Welcome all people from all walks of life to visit and discuss it!