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The production and processing of a large handicraft factory

Linyi liuqing handicraft company is a production and processing as one of the large handicraft factory. Our company is located in linyi city, the hometown of China, which is superior in environment, convenient transportation, abundant raw materials, strong weaving team, and weaving expert

Multiple production lines, quick supply

Our factory is mainly engaged in willow basket, LiuKuang, LiuPan, laundry basket, flower basket, flower basket, etc., variety, style novel, do manual work is delicate, beautiful appearance, economical and practical, durable, non-polluting, not only with a strong aesthetic and practical value, more can improve people's quality of life

Product diversification, build product competitiveness

I company reserves a high-quality talent and innovation of the design personnel, and the master of a batch of skilled technology, formed a powerful elite team, provides customers with diversified solutions

Provide perfect after-sales service system

Targeted to meet the needs of customers, specialized in providing customized solutions for customers, professional sales and after-sales team, 7*24h and considerate service

On the arts and crafts of Liu Qing

Linyi Liu Qing handicraft company is a large handicraft factory with production and processing as one. Our company is located in Linyi, the hometown of Qi Liu, with excellent environment, convenient transportation, sufficient raw materials, strong weaving team and knitting experts.Our factory mainly manages willow basket, willow basket, willow dish, laundry basket, flower basket, flower basket and so on. There are many varieties, new styles, exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance, economical, durable and pollution-free. Not only has the very strong aesthetic and practical value, can improve people's quality of life, make people's living space more artistic, and can also meet the...

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Contact: Wang Weikui
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